Alien Abilities

Since I have a shiny new d24, I changed the tables slightly. Here's the changes to the Alien Ability table, with a couple of tweaked abilities.

Alien Ability Table

The abilities with links are those which are either new, or tweaked in some way.

  1. Ambush
  2. Big Mothers
  3. Boost Abilities
  4. End Encounter
  5. Enrage
  6. Exploding Bodies
  7. Flee
  8. Ignore Armour
  9. Impair
  10. Induce Weakness
  11. Isolate
  12. Lasting Wounds
  13. Leaping
  14. Rapid Movement
  15. Reduce Visibility
  16. Regeneration
  17. Stop Technology
  18. Suicide
  19. Swarm
  20. Tough
  21. No Ability
  22. Solitary
  23. Two Abilities
  24. Three Abilities

New and Revised Abilities

Armour and Ignore Wounds are replaced by Big Mothers and Tough.

Big Mothers

Some of the aliens on this planet are either very large, or very tough - either way, they take a lot of killing. The GM adds gets one extra free Threat Token for each encounter. On any even damage roll, the player gets only one Kill: the Trooper was forced to take out one of the giant or tough aliens.
Option: An encounter may be made up entirely of giant or tough aliens, in which case, players recieve only one kill per hit, and any damage roll less than the current number of Threat Tokens does not result in a Kill.
Option: The entire encounter consists of a single Alien. The player who removes the very last Threat Token gets the Kill.
Option: Any player at Close range when a big alien is killed takes a Kill if he failed his action roll this round, as the alien's body thrashes around or lands on him.

No Ability

The aliens on this world are weaker than most. They have no Special Ability. This is a good one to use for the Troopers first ever planet.


This ability is inspired by many, many monster movies, though one in particular may easily come to mind… It can also be used for unkillable creatures like the Monster From The Id in Forbidden Planet.
On this planet there is exactly one highly dangerous alien. When all threat tokens in an encounter are removed, the alien is driven off temporarily. When the planet’s last Threat token is removed, the alien is killed. The trooper who removed that last token wins the only Kill on this planet.
Once in each encounter, the GM may spend a Threat Token to make available one of the following abilities: Ambush, Isolate, Lasting Wounds, Leaping, Stop Technology, Swarm. The chosen ability remains active for the rest of the encounter, if appropriate, but may not be used again in later encounters.


The aliens possess inhuman resistance – whether due to armour, toughness, force field, or whatever - and just keep coming regardless of the firepower you pour into them. On any even damage result, the number of Kills is halved. On any odd damage roll, no Kills are gained - the aliens just keep coming. If there is only one threat token left, it is not removed until an even damage result is inflicted.

Two Abilities

Roll for two abilities. The abilities aren’t checked off, and can be abilities that have already occurred (reroll any result over 20).

Three Abilities

As above, but roll for three abilities (ignoring subsequent rolls above 20).

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