In the official rules, characters level up at a breakneck pace in small groups, but slower in large groups. Since my group won't always have the same number of players, this may give regularly attending players too much of an advantage (they already get an advantage from their presence). So I came up with the following rule.

Highest Kills

The character with the Highest Kills levels up most easily. At the end of each mission, roll d10 against Level Up number; on success, he adds a level.

Lowest Kills

The character with the Lowest Kills can not level up.

Everyone Else

Each rolls a d10, trying to get equal or under the following:

  • 2nd Highest Kills: 5-
  • 3rd Highest Kills: 4-
  • 4th highest Kills: 3-
  • and so on.

To this is added a bonus:

  • Add the number of marines whose level is higher than yours.

Example: Trooper Haldeman gets the 3rd highest kills, so has a base Levelling roll of 4-. However, he is the lowest level in a group of 4 marines, so he gets +3 to his target: he levels on 7-.

Advanced Skills and Levelling

If Advanced Skills are in play, you need a certain number of advanced skills to level up.
See Advanced Skills.

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